Medical Aesthetics

Sheerwave IlPL 360

All IPL Services are to be determined by a 30 minute consultation as to what would be the best option for treatment. As well as length of treatment needed for optimal results. Prices can vary slightly per client basis, depending on hair type.

Permanent Hair Reduction

(Free consultation prior to service)

                         Upper Lip   $35

                         Chin   $50

                         Face   $60

                         Underarms   $40

                         Forearms   $75

                         Half Leg   $100
                         Thighs   $125
                         Full Leg   $150
                         Chest   $100
                         Chest + Abdomen   $200
                         Back   $200

                         Bikini Regular (Bikini line)   $80

                         Bikini Brazilian (Bikini line + labium)   $120

                         Bikini Complete (bikini + labium + anal region)   $150

*Touch-Ups (after 10th treatment) - FREE

*Hair Reduction Packages (for 3 or more areas) - 20% off regular price

*Promotions - Purchase 7 treatments, receive 8th Free!


(vascular, acne, pigmentation and anti-aging)

(Free consultation prior to service)


                                                                      Face and Neck   $200

                                                                        Face   $150

                                                                        Face, Neck and Cleavage   $250

                                                                        Acne (Adolescent)   $75

                                                                        Per Pulse   $25-$40

*Promotions - Purchase 5 treatments, receive 6th Free

*Promotional Packages - Purchase 5 treatments, receive 50% off home care products

Pricing packages and promotions going on regularly that can be discussed during consultation.


Microderm with Express Facial   $120

Microdermabrasion w/out Facial   $90

Chemical Peels Treatments

Glycolic Peel Treatment   $80

Jessner's Treatment   $125

Keratolyse Vegetel Peeling*   $120

(*Keratolyse - for clients with sensitive skin that really want a deep exfoliation w/no downtime)

Glycoloic Acid Enzyme Booster - $25 add on to any facial treatment

Spa Treatments

Instant Glow Mini Facial   $45
Student Facial   $55
Introduction Facial Treatment   $85
Lifting Complex Facial   $135
Purify Facial   $125
Men's Facial  $90
Organic Vitamin C Lightening Facial  $110

                                          Waxing Service

                                               Eye Brow Design   $25
                                               Eye Brow Maintenance   $20

                                               All waxing services available.

Service menu will be updated to reflect services and pricing very soon.

Additional Treatments

Eye Brow Tinting   $25
Eye Lash Tinting   $25
Eye Lash & Brow Tinting Package   $38

Body Treatments


                     Just Feet    $65

                     Just Hands  $40

                     Feet & Hands  $85

               Dead Sea Salt scrub additional $20

               for add on with any reflexology treatment.

                    Body Scrub

        Body Exfoliation Dead Sea Salt 

                   $80 per treatment

                   $400 per series of 6 treatments


      Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Swedish,

                Pre & Post Natal Massage


                      30 Min   $55

                      60 Min   $80

                      90 Min   $110

Medical Spa & Body Retreat